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I’m a Multidisciplinary Art Director, Creative Strategist and  Visual Communications Designer  from India, currently based in London. I’m keen postgraduate from University of the Arts London with solid theoretical understanding and range of practical experiences. With 5+ years of creative experience. My creative knowledge and skillset spans over multiple disciplines; implementing a creative process that combines insight, strategy, imagination, technology and craft. I want to produce work that is meaningful to the future, engages with communities, and promotes change.

Area of Expertise 

Creative Direction

Art Direction   Advertisement Campaign  |  
Film Production Design  |  Installation Art  |  Project Management   Photography   AI Art Prompter

Creative Research & Strategy

Art-based Research  Speculative Design   Brand Strategy

Graphic Design

Editorial Design  |  Publication Design  |  Branding & Identity

Public Relations & Communication

Content Writing   Advertising   Publicity Campaign 

Piyush Patil
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