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Art Direction | Creative Research | Branding | Merchandising | Visual Communication Design

Collaborators - Aditi Srivastava
                                 Elena Videva
                                 Lilli Mathod
                                 Yasemin Nergiz

This project was to art direct a concept, narrative, and aesthetic of UK-based pop singer Tyson Mcvey's 2022 EP campaign ‘Cherry’. It was critical to envision a process through the perspective of an artist producing music in 2022. The platform, the artist’s vision, and their voice were the primary concerns for this brief. 


The agenda was to add depth to her idea and push it beyond its current manifestation, interacting creatively with the future in terms of the Metaverse while ensuring that it is harmonious and authentic to her existing world. The goal was to make certain that her music reaches new and existing audiences with whom she can connect deeply and emotionally. The outcome had to be a delightful experience to discover her, as an artist and her new songs. 




Full screen with audio recommended.

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