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Creative Research | Content Writing & CurationEditorial Design | Art Direction | Conceptual Design

Collaborator - Billie Rose Hart 

Truth, Anti-Truth is a project with two books as their outcome focusing on the Truths and the Anti-truths of the world.

‘What exists? Volume 1.: The Truth’ is the first book created for this project which is a hybrid between a book and a computer. It contains an algorithm along with a set of instructions to use it that help a reader find any truth. This book also contains multiple algorithmic formulae and codes about existing philosophical themes, like universality, love, truth, karma, the nature of reality, and living in a simulation. This book encompasses Plato’s Allegory that is presented in Plato’s Republic. People seem pretty opportunistic when it comes to the truth. We want ‘a’ truth, not necessarily ‘the’ truth. We want ‘a’ reality, not necessarily ‘the’ reality. This book will ask you, the readers, the following question:
'Do we, as human beings, actually want THE TRUTH?'

‘What exists? Volume 2.: Everything’ is the second book created which focuses on Anti-Realism and Anti-Truths. Truth is not, to this view, a fully objective matter, independent of us or our thoughts. Instead, truth is constrained by our abilities to verify, and is thus constrained by our epistemic situation. Truth is to a significant degree an epistemic matter, which is typical of many anti-realist positions. 

The project explores the realm of magic realism. Both the books originate and are inspired from the idea of them existing in the Library of Babel (Short story by Jorge Luis Borges).

Truth, Anti-Truth


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