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Editorial Design | Creative Writing and Curation | Creative Research | Art Direction | Print Design

‘Reflections for the Future’ is a project about human values which have morphed throughout our social evolution and it reflects on how they have changed in relation to the time and questions their inherent value in the changed landscape compared to the one that they originated from. The outcome of the project which is an abstract art book explores the topics of Axiology and Social Ontology through abstract human interactions, thoughts and philosophies that have developed over time as well as their assimilation in the modern changing society. The content is a satirical take on modern values, ethics and morals and helps people question the normative value of ‘Human Values’ themselves with the future of humanity in mind.

The content for the book is experimental with AI produced imagery and abstract formats for the written content which was all written, designed and produced by Piyush.

Reflections for the Future - AI Art


AI Artwork
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