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Speculative Research | Art Direction | Creative Research | Concept Design

Collaborator - Rajvardhan Jedhe

This is a conceptual and speculative design project aiming at igniting conversations and physicalising discussions about the food we will consume in the future, as well as the complicated relationships and processes that we must address moving ahead. Over millennia of evolution and technical advancement, humans have established a food production, logistics, and consumption system that is characterised by perpetual human-centric growth and an ongoing cycle of environmental abuse. It is time to speak about our goals, what type of society we want to be, and how we want to address the impending environmental crisis.

The project aims to push the boundaries of our perception and rationality of the world around us, as well as our expectations on technological advancements, by approaching the topic of how we can use microbial gastronomy for our food requirements in a futuristic scenario through the lens of speculative design and art.

The outcomes of this project are experimental meals using primary ingredients such as algae, bacteria, fungus, and lichens. Together, they produce a range of nutrient- dense meal choices that we might explore in order to decrease the environmental impact of conventional agriculture and animal husbandry. A portion of the project focuses on the production, preparation and presentation of these components to address a significant part of the food culture and norms. For our future, this project focuses on an outcome that considers sustainability, self-sufficiency, food equity, and non-human rights.

Crafted Futures Project Report


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