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Production Design Case Study - Wes Anderson

Production Design   Graphic design  |  Film Design   Narrative Building   Photography   Art Direction   Research

This project was case study of Wes Anderson’s Production Design style, replicate his Design Language in a hospitality setting, and build a narrative for that place. I researched on the design aesthetic of Wes Anderson films and created mood-boards to compliment a hospitality setting such as a restaurant. I studied colour pallets and his unique sense of symmetrical compositions. Framing, props, character arcs were the main aspects we focused on during the execution of our project and came up with a storyline that suited our requirement. I created a fictional restaurant name ‘Coquille Rose’ which was themed around them serving food that was only pink in colour. We created a few dishes and the menu that would be served along with character arcs for the people who worked at the restaurant.

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