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Athlete Brand Sponsorship for Paris Olympics 2024

Art Direction   Graphic design   Photo Editing

Amazfit announced Kelvin Kiptum, the Kenyan long distance runner, as their global brand ambassador in January 2024 before the 2024 Paris Olympics. This campaign was an announcement of their partnership and the brief was to provide a captivating glimpse into Kelvin's daily training regimen in Kenya, showcasing his unwavering focus on achieving his goals. The campaign narrative highlighted his strategic use of Amazfit’s Cheetah-Pro, demonstrating its pivotal role in enhancing his performance.


Additionally, the campaign integrate the inspiring concepts of Breaking 2 and the 2024 Paris Olympics. By weaving these influential themes into the storyline, the campaign aspired to convey a compelling narrative that not only celebrates Kelvin's journey but also aligns Amazfit with the pursuit of excellence on a global stage. 

Video Campaign - Click here

Unfortunately, Kelvin passed away on 11th Feb 2024 in a car crash before participating in the Paris Olympics.

Rest In Peace Kelvin Kiptum! Loads of Love  ❤️

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