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Art, Film, Photography and Illustration Projects

Research   Concept design  |  Graphic design   Photography   Art Direction

Projects :

- Matriarch

- Portraits of Portrayal

- Esoteric Immaculacy

-Turquoise Wild Mint

- Serenity of the Gloom

- Insomnolent

- Despondent Decedents


- Fooled Identity - Short film (Art Director, Film research & Prop master)

- Lost - Short film (Assistant Director and Production designer)

- Tale of two Punekars - Pocket film (Executive Producer and Production designer)

- Pralaadh - Short Film (Art Director and Production Designer)

- To Alter an Image - Short Film (Script Writer and Prop master)

- BatX - Ad Film (Script writer and Art director)

- Kathin Kathin Kathin Kiti - Short Film (Art Director/Production Designer)

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