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Art Direction | Creative Research | Marketing Campaign | Branding | Visual Communication Design

Collaborators - Aditi Srivastava
                                 Elena Videva
                                 Lilli Mathod
                                 Yasemin Nergiz

This project was for a UK-based lingerie brand ‘Beija’ who’s concept and outcome focuses on producing a holistic campaign that evolves Beija’s creative approach to become more fluid and inclusive, while preserving and adding to their present consumer base. The goal was to address the fundamental notions of inclusion and learned how to see it in a fresh perspective. Beyond gender and skin colour, diversity and inclusivity have numerous facets. It is also about age, locality, career, sexuality, and a variety of other micro demographic factors. The outcomes of the project were an inclusive marketing/brand campaign along with rebranding and social media solutions.

BEIJA project



Full screen with audio recommended.

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